In some places, they hold an annual nautical extravaganza that showcases a various kind of yachts. Boaters across the state flocks to this events. Spot the different types of boaters.

Hopelessly lost the first timer

Although the Marina is easy to locate and navigate, there will always be that one person who will get lost among the crowd. You can notice them in the middle of the pathway, looking for signs to get their bearings.


They keep asking the boat dealers for hours about the detailed specification of the yacht. However, it does not have any plans of buying one.

Secret Millionaire

They are somewhat like the fender-kicker, although they can really afford to buy a yacht in an instant.

Painfully stylish WAG

They are usually seen with the secret millionaire, covering him up. They spend the day teetering down, stopping in VIP areas, talking to a salesman of how nicer their yacht is than the one she is looking around.

Brow-beaten family man

This man values his family, he believes that the boat show can give the family a nice day out for some quality family time.

Grizzled seafarer

These people flock to the chandlery stand, they can be seen arguing the finer points of knots with an expression of supreme superiority.