A luxury yacht is also known as super-yacht, large yacht, and a mega yacht. This kind of conveyance is expensive, and privately-owned, professionally crewed sailing or motor yacht. There is a distinction whether the yacht needs a permanent crew on board, those yachts that a re above 79 feet is considered.

When did yacht begin to appear?

At the beginning of the 1900s, Charles Henry Fletcher, one of the wealthy individuals constructed a large private yacht for personal amusement. In 1908, Charles owned the largest motor powered yacht in the world. He owned the Jemima F. III, which stands 111 feet.

Let us talk about the design and layout of yachts.

Yachts that stands 24 meters or 79 feet and above are qualified for design awards. The superyacht is set to have a minimum of 100 feet, the smallest considered super-yacht, stands 45 to 50 meters. It has a three-deck, with cabins for 10 to 12 guests and for a crew of a similar size cabin. The accommodation on the super-yacht has the lower deck, main deck, upper deck, and sun deck.

Lower Deck is the exterior swimming platform at the stern, four or five guest cabins can fit at the lower deck with en-suite bath aft, engine room amidships, and additional crew quarters.

Main Deckshelters the exterior deck aft leading into the saloon, dining room, and galley. It is the entrance of the amidships, with the owner’s suite forward that includes a study and a second stateroom for a personal assistant or bodyguard.

Upper Deck

Sun Deckis the uppermost deck, which has a Jacuzzi and a glass-enclosed gym.

A 50-meter yacht can have one or more luxury yacht tenders, a vessel used for servicing and providing support and entertainment to a private or charter luxury yacht. It includes speed boat or a sailing boat, personal watercraft, windsurfing, diving equipment, and banana boat. Yachts today have various televisions and satellites.

You cannot sail alone. You need crews to assist you and be with you through the journey.

It is a requirement to have a crew operate a large or super-sized luxury yacht, a crew can be a minimum of 8 members. The crew consists of a Captain, First Mate or Officer, Chief Engineer, Engineers, Bosun, Personal Chef, Crew Chef, Deckhands, and Stewardess or Stewards. Most of these crew members live on board and are paid monthly with their living expenses covered by the owner.